Joy quotation – nearly-finished text and the trials that came before



Since I forgot to bring this to the meeting today, and since we’ll have more to share next month (“Gratitude”) … and since I’ll bring things from the conference …  I thought I’d share this online.

2014-07-07 Joy final lettering before wash - sz

I’m thinking this is the final lettering. It takes up about 1/3 of the width of the 10″ square, so I’m thinking I may do some watercolor washes on the sides. See  the 2nd image — a failed layout — and the 3rd image — all my trials — for an idea of what I may do on the sides. As usual, click on an image for a closer/larger view.
2014-07-07 Joy failed final - sz2014-07-07 Joy various trialsBeth


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