Recent meetings

November 2018

We had a small but enthusiastic group for the November meeting this week. Diana led two tutorials on card making. One was a card with two diagonal pockets, and the other was a card which could hold money or a gift card. Thank you, Diana. Although she couldn’t stay for the meeting, Barb dropped by at the beginning of the meeting to generously share her paper and tools for the meeting. Thank you, Barb!

I shared the artist books I had received in an annual artist book exchange in which I participate. One of the books, a non-adhesive structure, seemed to be a good fit for our new year-long project, and we came up with a plan of action for it. At the December meeting I’ll bring the book so everyone can see the structure. I’ll also bring 3 models I’ve made at different sizes. This photo shows the 3 models (one still in process). We can settle on a size for the year-long project after we’ve seen these.

October 2018

In October, some of us who attended the fall workshop with Laurie Doctor shared the books we made and some of the processes that we learned during the workshop. Some had already made a second book using leftover materials from the workshop!

Emily’s cover made in the fall workshop with Laurie Doctor

Rose’s color study page made in the fall workshop with Laurie Doctor

We also shared the work we had done for the yearlong project and discussed possibilities for our next year-long project.

September 2018

In September, we got a special treat when Annie Cicale presented a slideshow of her artist books. Annie discussed and displayed artist books as journals, lettering practice, memorials, and experimentation. What a wonderful experience for our guild!

August 2018

In August, we shared the thumbnail sketches we came up with after last month’s meeting, identifying which elements/principles of designs were employed for each. We had chosen one short quote and made thumbnails of at least 5 different layouts, employing
a variety of those elements and principles of design. It was an interesting exercise, and we were struck by the variety of solutions developed.

July 2018

In July, we shared our progress on the year-long project, topic: “Montana”. Emily has paired her photographs with original text. Pat has stitched the lines of a poem with illustration on fabric. Theresa has paired her original haiku with illustrations and
photographs. And Rose and Diana have use multiple media for layouts to go with their original text.

We had a lively time making Hedi Kyle’s diagonal pocket book. the folded-and-sewn book. Once we had made at least one book each, we discussed the elements of design and the principles of design.

May 2018

In May, members who had attended the Spencerian workshop in Helena shared their work that we did in class. Then we led the group in some of the exercises we learned at the workshop and talked about the importance of kinetic memory, the differences between
copperplate and Spencerian, and more.

April 2018

Barb Weas shared with her some cardmaking techniques with us. She brought a treasure
trove of papers, stamps, findings and more, and we had a wonderful time putting together several cards using a variety of techniques.

March 2018

Beth led the group in making an accordion book with non-adhesive covers. These make great greeting cards as well.

February 2018

Rose explored us what haikus are, and gave us some brief instruction in writing haiku poetry. Then went out for about twenty minutes to see what we could write after a snap course. Amazing what delightful three-lined Haiku poems everyone came up with. These may be used in this year’s project. We also worked out the parameters of the project, with work to be completed by October.

January 2018

Rose led us in making a tiny triangle book. Covering the acute angles of the triangular covers was a challenge, but we had a great time with them. Some of our finished books are shown below.