Next meeting January 14

Our January meeting of Bridger Mountain Scribes will be held at the library on Monday, January 14, from 11 AM to 1 PM.
  • The program – We’ll explore the Pilot Parallel Pen, a well-made fountain calligraphy pen that can be used as-is or filled with any non-waterproof liquid of your choice. I’ll bring a few books which focus on the parallel pen, as well as copies of of Carol DuBosch’s instructions on re-filling the pen. If you have a Pilot Parallel Pen, bring it along. If you want to buy one, I saw that the new store on the north side of town, Paper & Grace (on East Oak), is selling them. I recommend getting a larger size rather than the smallest one. But by no means do you *need* to buy one. I’ll have several extras on hand that you can experiment with. If you want a head-start on what we’ll be doing, check out Carol’s PDF:
  • The 2019 year-long project — We’ll each be making a 5-inch square modular accordion book. I’ve been in touch with Liz Simmonds, who made the Ben Franklin book, and I’ll share what I’ve learned from her about the structure. This book can be any length (which is one great feature of the structure), but I would recommend at least 8 folios. The book that Liz made had a folio for each of the 13 virtues in Ben Franklin’s list of virtues. So you will want to settle on content for your book. A list would be a good place to start, but that’s just one approach..
  • Show and share — Bring anything you’ve been working on.
  • What to bring:
    • Pilot Parallel Pen if you have it
    • non-waterproof ink if you’re bringing a pen (I’ll have walnut ink on hand)
    • needle-nose pliers if you have them
    • a few 5-inch square pieces of paper to write on
    • a compass if you have one — the kind that draws a circle in pencil
    • a few words to write in a circle; I can’t tell you how many because I don’t know what size pen you’ll be using

Also, mark your calendar for the February 11 meeting at 11 AM.

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