Next meeting April 8

Our April meeting of Bridger Mountain Scribes will be held on Monday, April 8, 2019 from 11 AM to 1 PM at the library.

The program

  • Painting! We’ll paint some sheets of paper using some of the techniques taught by Alisa Golden in her book Painted Paper. These techniques may be something you want to include in your year-long project, or just something for the future.
  • Show and share — Bring anything you’ve been working on, including progress on the year-long project. 

What to bring — At least a week before our meeting I’ll send out a full list of supplies, but plan to bring these:

  • Several large sheets of 90# or 140# watercolor (any press) and/or Arches Text Wove, at least 18″ x 24 but the full 22″ x 30″ would be best. ATW full sheet is so large at 25″ x 40″, a half sheet will be better than a full sheet. We will paint 3-4 sheets, maybe more. Other options (in case you have them on hand):
    • Stonehenge
    • Somerset
    • Nideggan
  • A couple or several bottles of any inks you have already, such as FW, Higgins, sumi, Bombay, etc.
  • If your ink bottles don’t have droppers, bring a couple of eye droppers as well.
  • Some large brushes such as hake brushes, house-painting flat brushes, etc. 
  • Optional: newsprint (blank) for wet painted sheets, blow dryer
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