Meetings in 2016

November 2016

2016-11-07-collageOur November meeting was held, as usual, on the first Monday of the month in the small conference room at the library.

We had a good time with collage. Beth talked about the principles of design and how the elements of design are tools of those principles. Then, using our stash of papers and mark-making tools, we each made a collage on the theme “Calm”, pictured here.

Rose shared the article from Bound & Lettered on “Meander Books”, which was discussed at the October meeting. There are many ways to cut the paper to create the meander. It is simple, and you can do it at home.

October 2016

In October, Justine and Rose shared some of what they learned at the fabulous fall workshop with Suzanne Moore in Missoula.

September 20162016-09-12-stimudent-a-1

Beth shared some hints and tips on correction calligraphy errors, and then demonstrated how to convert a package of Stim-U-Dent dental picks into a large multi-line nib. We had a good time making large letters and abstract shapes with our Stim-U-Dent “nibs”.







August 2016

Diana taught us some floral capitals she had learned from Amy Jones in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She also taught us how these adorable small boxes for Hershey kisses, and we decorated them with our floral capitals.


July 2016 – illuminated casual caps with Diana

Diana taught us a version of contemporary Versals called “Chunky Versals” aka “Dancin’ Caps”. Referring to examples that Diana provided, we drew and painted –WITH watercolors and watercolor pencils –our versal letters, and then outlined the letters with a think black marker. Here are some of the letters we made!


June 2016 – Iris folding with Jan

Jan led us in designing a letter which was decorated by cut-out and back with Iris folding. The letter “strokes” should be 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick so that the decorated paper treatment shows through.

March 2016 – gestural alphabets with Beth

Beth shared a gestural ABC written by Karlgeorg Hoefer, and the gestural practice she learned at the annual calligraphy conference with Ewan Clayton. She brought her daily pages so that participants could see the development across several months, and she also demonstrated. We worked on large sheets of newsprint or inexpensive paper and a variety of free-flowing writing tool (roller ball pen, brush pen, brush, gel pen, etc.)

Here’s an example, done with a lip liner during the meeting

Lip liner on newsprint

Lip liner on newsprint