December 2022 meeting

Our next meeting will take place on Monday, December 14, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM in the meeting room at the Cold Smoke Coffeehouse just off 19th and Oak.

At the November meeting, we spent a good deal of time looking at samplers that some of us had finished or were still working on, and we’ll continue to work on those this month. Beyond simply getting the letters and sentences to fit together on the page, there are other things to consider: juxtaposition of textures between the elements, how the layout moves the eye around the page, color (maybe), and variety and shared characteristics between the elements. Keep those elements and principles of design in mind.

On December 14, I’ll present some fun letters that I learned in a 1-day workshop with Peter Thornton in October. Not much to bring for this: just pencil and drawing paper. If you want to add color to the letters, bring some colored pencils, or watercolors and a water brush — but it’s not really necessary. Also, if you’ve made progress on them, bring your samplers. There’s a lot to unpack with these pieces.

    As always, please bring anything you’re working on or finished recently, including (but not limited to) scribbles, samplers, italic variations, etc.

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